2015 News

December 18, 2015
Anime Conji has been canceled
The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation has announced that Anime Conji 2016, previously scheduled for March, has been canceled.
December 4, 2015
Takamasa Sakurai, Director of IOEA Executive Office, passes away
IOEA, the International Otaku Expo Association, has announced that Takamasa Sakurai passed away on December 4, 2015.
July 1, 2015
FUNimation Announces Stance on Fan Art
FUNimation has issued a PDF announcing their official stance on fan art. This is essential reading for anyone creating and selling fan art from FUNimation properties at conventions (such as in artists' alleys or dealers' rooms) or online.
January 18, 2015
Origa, singer from Ghost in the Shell, passes away
The vocalist of themes to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex has passed away at age 44.
January 9, 2015
Anime South withdraws guest invites
Anime South in Fort Walton Beach, Florida has withdrawn invites from numerous guests referring to them as "unauthorized invitations" and citing financial issues.
January 5, 2015
Ten Largest North American Anime Conventions of 2014
It's January 2015 and that means that it's time for us to take our annual look back at North America's ten largest anime conventions of 2014.