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Bret Iwan Actor
Suzanne's Cosplay Cosplayer
Susan Olsen Actor
Christopher Knight Actor
Mike Lookinland Actor
Barry Williams Actor
Jennifer Losi Actor
Kate Hewlett Actor / Writer
Mark McKenna Comic Artist
Minami Takahashi Actor
Ryan Bartley Actor
Chris Hackney Voice Actor
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos Host, "Ancient Aliens"
Antony Starr Actor
Miho Okasaki Actor
Mai Nakahara Actor / Singer
Takao Abo Director
Tomohiro Furukawa Animation Director
Hiromitsu Iijima Music Producer
Irma La Douce
Takushi Koide Animator
Marco d'Ambrosio Composer
Atsushi Nakayama Director
Ryoma Ebata Character Designer / Key Animator / Director
Eric Price President
Japanime Games
Brett Finnell Game Designer
LPR Games

Recent Bio Updates

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Jon Allen Voice Actor / Comedian
Crusher-P Musician / Illustrator
Yves Bourgelas Comic Artist
Eve Myles Actor
Cir9 Producer
Yoshitoshi ABe Artist / Writer
Susumu Sakurai Associate Producer
Kellen Goff Voice Actor
Candy Keane Costumer / Blogger
Faye Mata Actor / Video Game Champion
Shmuberry Cosplayer
Carmilla Jo Cosplayer
Stephen B. Pearl Author
Kaylee Fast Disc Jockey
Grant Imahara Host / Robot Expert
C. Andrew Nelson Actor / Visual Effects Artist / Animator
Steve "Warky" Nunez Voice Actor / Pianist / Comedian
John Gremillion Voice Actor
Tom Bateman Coordinator of Special Events
Sevdha Thompson Belly Dancer / Artist / Cosplayer
Night Sabers Band
Toshio Maeda Manga Artist
Jackie "Kanashimi" Florian Founder
91.8 The Fan
Misa on Wheels Cosplayer
SungWon Cho Actor / YouTube Personality
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