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Quebec City, QC

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Darkarnival Butler is a Canadian multi award-winning master cosplayer who has been cosplaying since 2011! This self-taught costume maker has entered several cosplay contests and competitions, including the World Cosplay Summit in 2016. During the following years, she enthusiastically served as a mentor to other cosplayers and cosplay competitors who needed help and advice in their own journey. She has also been called to be a judge for cosplay contests and competitions around Canada and in the United-States.

She is recognized for her sewing skills, her love for embellishments and her attention to details on costumes from several sources and media. But the efficiency and the quality of her staging during performances remain her greatest strength! She's also a passionate self-taught makeup artist who enjoys experimenting on herself and sometimes on others to create various looks for cosplays and more. From the cute and magical ones to the gory and terrifying ones, nothing seems to scare her when it comes to makeup. Thanks to her YouTube channel and social media, she enjoys sharing her passion for cosplay and her experiences to benefit and entertain other enthusiasts of the cosplay/otaku/geek community. The more you get to know her, the more you realize she's not only talented and passionate, but also very humble, authentic, friendly, generous and that she puts all her heart into what she does. Her two favorite mottos are "Dream, Believe and Keep on Cosplaying" and "We ALL start somewhere".

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