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Quantum and Glay are a team of twins whom are best known in the cosplay community for their Dragonball Z costumes, which displays their overt fondness for transforming themselves in armor-clad, spiky-haired aliens covered in muscles. They first began attending Anime North in 2002 and have not missed a year since then! Quantum and Glay first started competing in masquerades with their friends in 2005 and achieved master class level at Anime North in 2010. They have organised several large scale cosplay groups (such as Reboot, Beyblade, and Sailor Moon) at Canadian conventions in the past as well as shared their knowledge through tutorials, panels, and the online costuming community. Their work has been featured on YTV, FUNimation YouTube channel, and numerous blogs and websites dedicated to anime, comics, nerd culture, and, of course, cosplay! Quantum and Glay's efforts with wigs, make-up and prosthetics, muscle suits, and custom shoe/boots have been recognized all across North America. Specifically, their wig work and techniques since 2006 popularized the styling technique of using stiffened felt and hot glue wefting to create gravity-defying styles. Their muscle suit work has also encouraged people of all sizes to try their hands at building costumes with exaggerated bodytypes. These methods have inspired and been commissioned by cosplayers all around the world. Their favourite series to cosplay from include DragonBall/Z/GT, Beyblade (not that new Metal Fury stuff though), Slayers, Axis Powers Hetalia, Star Trek, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters & GX, and Sailor Moon. Quantum and Glay have cosplayed a wide range of characters from many different series with more plans in the future!

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