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Tokyo, Japan

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MOON Kana is a multi-talented solo artist from Tokyo, Japan! Her first passion and her actual profession is musician. She plays the guitar, the piano, sings and writes her own songs. She has a very unique shattering style that most people will adore from the first time while others will need more perseverance to truly appreciate what she does On one hand or the other, she is not someone you will ever forget!

Her uniqueness will also show in her dressing fashion, very "Gothic Lolita" for connoisseurs, she actually designs and makes her own clothing and accessories; something she is also very proud of! She creates and sells her creations around the globe, music and fashion altogether. As well as stuffed animals, pandas and bunnies mostly, that she makes with great details and professionalism.

Music wise, she has made her debut in 2000 and has evolved a lot since then ; she has also traveled around the world with her music: the United States, England, France, Germany, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Austria, Thailand, Japan? and finally Canada! that she had always dreamed of seeing with her own eyes. She's a composer, mixer and interpreter for her own songs - always directly from her own little fairy-full and wonderful universe. She loves to draw, to create and to design.

MOON Kana is 5'2? tall, her blood type is A, she was born on a 26th of January and she can't wait to come here in Canada rock the stage for the audience, fans and newcomers altogether!

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