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Yua Wakana has mainly been influenced by pop music. In 2009, she received an honourable mention for her first appearance at Otakuthon Idol with the song "Inori~You Raise Me Up~" (originally by Lena Park), performing in front of hundreds of people. She has a wide vocal range, though her soul and Rn'B touch is what describes her voice best. She also plays piano and draws much of her inspiration from Yamapi, Shota Shimizu, Joe Inoue, LM.C, BoA and, more recently, X-Japan, NAUL, Yiruma and LYN.

One of the first to present popular J-Pop shows at the Otakuthon Cosplay Cafe in 2010 and 2011 as well as a piano performance in 2012, Yua Wakana has has also performed at other events such as Cape et Kimono, Nadeshicon, BIG BENTO, and the Otakuthon event at Just for Laughs. At Anime North Idol 2013, she was a finalist with the song Mikazuki (originally by Ayaka).

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