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Montreal-based art initiative EN MASSE is best described as an ongoing exercise in irreverent, improvised collaborative drawing in black and white, involving an expanding network of artists internationally. Its diverse voices - grounded in the realms of commercial graphics, underground comics, graffiti, and fine art - weave together to build a collective vision, greater than any could create on their own. Outlets for the creative energy of EN MASSE include works in established galleries and art institutions, commercial contracts, festivals and other public events, and the pedagogical efforts of its EN MASSE For The Masses branch.

The initiative began as a one-off gallery installation, at Galerie Pangée in Old Montreal in 2009. Four years later, EN MASSE has conducted installations throughout North America and beyond - Montreal and Toronto, Miami, San Diego and NYC, even Tokyo, Japan. In that time, EN MASSE has created temporary and permanent works for the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Cirque de Soleil, in Miami's Wynwood district for Primary Flight and at the Fountain Art Fair during NYC's Armory Week - among so many others.

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