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Joey "Roo" DeSena is a retro gamer through and through, hosting shows such as 16-Bit Gems and The Way Games Work on RetrowareTV.com, as well as Head Shot on Vsauce3. In addition, he's the co-founder of Clan of the Gray Wolf and co-hosts the bi-weekly Echo Screen live stream on the same site. He is also Director of Content for RetrowareTV.com.

"16-Bit Gems" looks back at the storied 16-bit era of video games and examines those that were truly exceptional, but overlooked in the hype of the time. "The Way Games Work" is a series that explores the science and technology behind video games, while making it accessible to the layman. "Head Shot" takes some of the more fanciful aspects of video games and uncovers the real life science and history behind them.

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