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AWOI has been based in Osaka since the band's formation in 2004. With OTOGI's incredibly unique presence and strongly charismatic aura create a characteristic atmosphere, making AWOI differ from other bands. They will definitely be a next "SOMETHING" for the new era.

The band was originally formed by OTOGI (voice) and SHOU (guitar) in 2004 and had their first show the same year. Then they released their very first single "KOKORO" in March, 2005. SAKI (bass) joined the band in 2005 soon after their temporary bassist left. In 2007, they signed to BRAND'S RECORDS in FACE MUSIC, which is an Osaka based label, and released their third Maxi single "Nakunaranai Uta". After having SHIN (guitar) and RYO (drums) join in 2010 to become their present line-up, the band became much stronger. In October 2011, AWOI released their mini-album "CHILDREN" and it entered the ORICON weekly Indies album charts at No. 13, and most shows of the tour having the album title were sold out. The band's popularity has grown remarkably and it is getting more and more difficult to get tickets. They have just released "Kumo no ito", their third mini-album in March 2012 and its tour finale in Tokyo sold out in no time. AWOI's edgy sound and beautifully melancholic melody capture the attention of music fans. Keep an eye on them.

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