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Once described as the "Alton Brown of video games" - his greatest compliment - Joey "Roo" DeSena co-founded the geek-centric website,, in 2009. His flagship series, "16-Bit Gems", brings to light underappreciated classics from the 16-bit era of video gaming. While his other main series, "The Way Games Work", explains video game technology to the layman (with equal parts Bill Nye & G4).

Utilizing a professional background in physics and research, his most popular online videos have amounted to "mini-documentaries" on subjects ranging from the EarthBound series to the history of Japanese RPGs. Joey enjoys spreading uncommon information about video games however he can.

He is also part of the executive team for, where he helps produce their flagship show, "The Video Game Years". In addition, his videos appear on websites such as The Game Station, Blistered Thumbs/That Guy with The Glasses, & Reviewtopia.

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