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Fukusuke (福助) is a Japanese electronic singer-songwriter from Kanagawa Prefecture in the visual-kei scene. He is known as the guitarist of the angura electro-rock band Metronome, which went into an indefinite activity pause on May 31st, 2009. During his time in the group Fukusuke started his solo project, called ADAPTER, and debuted with the mini-album SOUND SELECT in July of 2005.

His music is a fusion of digital, rock, and visual-kei with Japanese spirit as the base. It is none like any other. His tracks, which he himself DJs as well, unveils a worldscape which can be enjoyed by visual-kei fans and club-music fans alike. In the " 。" he has instilled his soul as a Japanese person. "Adeosu" released February 22, 2012 was used as the ending theme for anime "BRAVE10".

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