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Danimal Cannon

Danimal Cannon

Buffalo, NY, USA

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Danimal Cannon is a man of many talents. Whether he's tearing up the stage with acts like Metroid Metal or Armcannon, or arranging audio bliss from the producer's chair, he's in the top of his class. Now he's focused those chops towards the rising art known as "chiptunes".

Danimal Cannon's roots are drawn from old video games and progressive metal. After cutting his teeth in some serious technical shred bands, Danimal turned his talents to the Nintendo Gameboy. The novelty of using a Gameboy to make music is enough to set Danimal Cannon apart from other bands with its distinct 8bit sound, but this is no novelty. In fact the sounds from such a small machine are staggeringly huge. Danimal goes to great lengths to coax organic melodies and emotive expressions from these cold lifeless square waves while exploiting the extreme precision that a machine would excel at. The result is difficult to classify, but it is undeniably catchy and impossibly grooving.

Danimal Cannon is a quickly rising star. Notably, he has shared the stage with renowned artists Jonathan Coulton and MC Frontalot at the Penny Arcade Expo, received top billing alongside famous Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu at MAGfest, and been a headlining act at Orlando's Nerdapalooza.

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