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Yoshihiro Komada

Studio Zombie

Mr. Yoshihiro Komada, co-founder of Studio Zombie, met his future partner Tommy Ohtsuka at Waseda University's manga club "EASY-MAN." But it wasn't until years later when they bumped into each other on the street that the ball started rolling on the team that would bring the insanely popular Slayers anime to manga pages. Komada quit his desk job and became the team's full-time writer.

Among Komada's many works is the manga version of Slayers Premium. Originally a movie, Komada wasn't satisfied with a simple manga adaptation, and added new twists and features that only appear in the manga version. Lately, he's been working on a new Slayers series called Sui Ryu-Oh no Kishi, featuring new characters and twists in the expanding Slayers universe!

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