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Amanda Irwin

Cosplay Photographer
Toronto, ON

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Elemental Photography (aka Amanda Irwin) is a Canadian master costumer, cosplay photographer, and thermoplastics expert from Toronto who's been attending conventions since 2002 and shows no signs of stopping. With close to 100 conventions and cosplay events behind her, she's done a little bit of everything over the years from cosplay to panels to photography to running masquerades or selling behind a table.

Elemental picked up photography a decade ago as a way to document the awesome work she was seeing from her friends, and found it was even more fun than dressing up as an evil space alien or computer construct hacker. Her work takes her across Canada and the US, and has been featured in magazines and calendars and countless articles on cosplay over the years.

When she's not photographing Elemental spends her cons educating people about the amazing wonders of thermoplastics, especially Worbla. She's the content manager for and is currently working on a series of videos documenting the full process of using Worbla's Finest Art as well as the brand new TranspArt called This Is Worbla! While she tends to only do one or two costumes a year these days, she loves learning new techniques with new outfits and often picks her next project based on what it will add to her bucket list of weird skills. She loves millinery, needlefelting, interference paint, sfx makeup and helping troubleshoot other people's costume construction issues (rather than working on her own).

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