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Toronto, ON

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DJ Janos, the resident DJ of ConBravo's DanceBravo Saturday night dance party has been DJ'ing for the better part of a decade, helping to craft dancefloors all over the Greater Toronto Area, and more recently, at Montreal's Otakuthon. Although not a newcomer to DJ'ing, he is a newcomer on the Convention DJ scene, but has managed to turn every con-dance into a dance-frenzy. His stlye of blending current dance music and staples of the con-dance scene have led to perfect dance parties each time. His only goal is that of ensuring everyone has the best time possible.

"The difference between DJ'ing at a club, and DJ'ing at a Convention dance or rave, is simply the energy. Never have I played for a more energetic, loving crowd than at a con. One of the things that DJ's try to achieve is to have everyone one on the same wavelength at the same time. This is a consistent thing at a con dance or rave. I love DJ'ing at clubs, but I have a soft spot for the Convention community." - Greg Baross aka DJ Janos

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