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Let me detail for you my eccentricities. I tend to talk to myself when I am alone. The conversations range from realism to fantasy without skipping a beat. They also include me being the teacher of something... Mostly, whatever it is that I am doing. But I have been known to visualize conversations with those that I have/had angry feelings toward. It allows me a release. Am I crazy? Perhaps. But, we are all a little mad here.

Time for the random questions? Sure. My favorite color... Hmm... I can't answer that with just one color. I enjoy all the colors of the earth. I know that makes me sound like a hippie, but I have a bit of gypsy blood in me. I like to create "art" with all the crayons in the box!

On art... Well, I believe that music is the highest form of art. There are so many ways in which music can capture emotion. On top of that, you can't go wrong with a little soundtrack to live your life by. Just don't ask me the songs in mine, you really don't want to know (or perhaps I don't want to tell you that I secretly listen to random crap when no one is around).

But if you want a real bio, then maybe you should read just this part: With a variety of interests, it's hard to pin down anything on Zezrae. She's been a web designer, a call center operator, a cell phone technician and more. And that's just her 'real' life. She's also been a DJ, a roleplayer and an all around 'geek girl'. Starting her online presence way back in the day, she owned a few MUDs and then moved on to forum based, play by post RPGs. Zez has also played way more table top games than she could ever begin to count. She's DJed in Second Life for two years and most currently runs the forum based RPG: Suffer the Children.

Convention Guest Appearances

  • Ultima Con 2012 - May 25-27, 2012 in New Orleans, LA, USA Convention Cancelled

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