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Michael Daingerfield

Voice Actor
British Columbia

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Michael Daingerfield is one of North America's busiest and most versatile Voice-Over actors. With over 13 years of Voice-Over experience, his voice has appeared in hundreds of episodes of Pre-lay Animated and Anime Series.

Michael's first voice-over job was the Series Leading role of Ace Ventura in the CBS/Nickelodeon Animated Series Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Since then Michael's voice has appeared in such Animated and Anime Series including: Mythic Warriors, Bad Dog, Rescue Heroes, Yakkity Yak, Transformers: Cybertron, Firehouse Tales, Transformers: Energon, Gundam 00, Class Of The Titans, Transformers: Armada, Krypto The Superdog as the voice of Superman, George Of The Jungle and Pucca.

Recently, Michael appeared in such Anime series as No GO, Ghost in the Shell, The Story Of Saiunkoku, Death Note, Black Lagoon and Nana and the animated series Sushi Pack, Iron Man, Kid Vs. Kat and Martha Speaks.

Michael also performs on-camera, having appeared in over forty-five film and television roles; including Dreamcatcher opposite Morgan Freeman, Smallville opposite Tom Welling, Catwoman opposite Benjamin Bratt, The Messengers opposite Dylan McDermott and most recently he shot opposite Dean Cain in Lifetime's Movie of the Week: Making Mr. Right.

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