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Dawn "Kaijugal" McKechnie

Dawn "Kaijugal" McKechnie


Dawn McKechnie, also known as "Kaijugal" has been involved in the Canadian costuming community and costuming fandom since 1982

Although she has won numerous awards throughout the years for her unique costume creations, in the past ten years Dawn has been more involved with organizing, administration, and education at costume events.

She currently not only coordinates the Cosplay Events Department for Anime North, but has been or is activly the director of several masquerades including Hobbystar's FanExpo and Otakuthon in Montreal Canada. She has also judged at many cons such as, Worldcon, Fan Expo, Anime Next, Polaris, Otakuthon, and Costume-Con.

Some of Dawns costume related roles current and past include:
- served as the Canadian News Editor at cosplay.com
- stage Crew for Toronto Trek/Polaris
- president of the Fibre Fantasy Artists of Canada
- co-chaired Costume-Con 32
- programming director and stage director for Costume-Con 35
- costume program director for Worldcon in Montreal, 67th World Science Fiction Convention (Anticipation)
- exhibit team 50 Designers/50 Costumes
- masquerade director for Fan Expo Canada, Toronto
- masquerade director for Otakuthon, Montreal
- masquerade director for G-Fest, Chicago
- core cast member at Castle Blood
- executive director - Anime North

Television appearances:
Animania (cosplay documentary)
Animania II (cosplay documentary)
Fanboy Confessional (documentary series)
Animal Planet's Animal Icons: It Came From Japan
Midnight Monster Hop (series)

Convention Guest Appearances

18 confirmed guest appearances

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