Grand Brony Gala 2013 Information

Grand Brony Gala 2013

Grand Brony Gala 2013
June 29, 2013
Hilton Garden Inn Tampa/Riverview/Brandon
Riverview, FL, USA

TV Convention with Toy programming

Hey, y'all! C'mon down to the best dang brony gatherin' since the last barn raisin'.

No, Silly! We're not raising a barn! It's the Grand Brony Gala! There'll be games, panels, karaoke, dancing, costume contests, ooh! And balloons and all kinds of fun fun fun fun fun!! All Day Long!

Just when you think it can't get any more awesome, the Grand Galloping "Brony" Gala makes the night 20% cooler!

But, Darling, it's a formal event in the evening with a buffet, a stage show and dancing. Personally, I prefer the slow songs, but I hear they'll also have all those pony-remixes that all those other ponies make such a fuss about.

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$47 through Jun 27

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