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Tony Oliver

Voice Actor / Producer / Director
Los Angeles, CA USA

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TONY OLIVER began his career over 25 years ago as an actor on stage and on camera, performing in several feature films and dozens of plays. He found success as a voice over artist, lending his voice to one of the first foreign made animated features to receive wide release ("The Sea Prince and the Fire Child"). His first foray into television was as the lead voice in the popular animated series "Robotech". Following that, Tony turned his attention to writing and was soon working as a freelance writer on several cable series for children including "Macron 1" and "Mapletown".

In 1988 he joined the staff of Saban Entertainment, story editing the long running Nickelodeon series "The Noozles". He quickly rose through the ranks, producing, story editing and voice directing numerous broadcast and cable series as well as promotional pieces and sales presentations. In 1990 he wrote and co-produced an award winning animatic adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book". Soon after, he produced a number of specials and home entertainment projects and began working as a development writer. He participated in the development of several animated series including the critically praised "Little Shop" series on FOX.

In 1992, Haim Saban (CEO of Saban Entertainment) asked Tony to help him and development executive Ellen Levy-Sarnoff create a new kind of children's television show. The result was the mega children's hit, "The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers". Tony not only served as the development producer but also wrote the pilot episode, produced the network presentation and story edited the first season. As Supervising Producer, Tony took on the additional responsibilities of writing, producing and directing the Power Rangers live appearances including the February 1994 appearance at Universal Studios, Hollywood, which drew an estimated 50,000 people on a single day.

In early 1994, Tony was named Supervising Producer of "Saban's VR Troopers". Later in the year he co-developed and wrote the script for the international sensation "Mighty Morphin Power Ranger - Live Tour". He then spent several months in Sydney, Australia consulting on the 20th Century Fox summer release "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie". In 1995 Tony was named Co-Producer of "Power Rangers". Following that he produced a number short run series, PSA's and specials for FOX Kids Network and Fox Family Channel as well as Co-Executive Producing and Co-Directing a family feature film entitled, "Rusty: The Great Rescue" starring Hal Holbrook, Rue McClanahan and a menagerie of talking animals. Before leaving Saban Entertainment, Tony produced a "Power Rangers" retrospective special, which earned significant Saturday morning ratings among kids and was the top rated program on FOX Kids the day it aired. In 1999 Tony left Saban Entertainment but has continued to develop, produce, voice and direct numerous projects for TV, Film, Video Games, and New Media.

More recent projects include ".hack//GU" a multi-player online video game; "Section 8" a multi-player console game; "Daigunder", an animated series for ABC Family/Disney; "Anime TV", a popular live action Web series; "Gurren Lagann" a breakthrough anime series for the Sci Fi Channel; "Aussie & Ted" a family oriented feature film; "Eureka Seven: Goodnight, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers" which premiered on screens nationwide last year and "Martha & Friends", from Martha Stewart and 4Kids Entertainment.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   RoboCon 1995 - October 6-8 in Anaheim, CA
   RoboCon 2005 - July 1-4 in Anaheim, CA
   Anime Festival Orlando 2005 - August 5-7 in Orlando, FL
   Sakura-Con 2006 - March 24-26 in Seattle, WA
   A-Kon 2006 - June 9-11 in Dallas, TX
   Youmacon 2006 - November 3-5 in Troy, MI
   Anime Expo 2007 - June 29 - July 2 in Long Beach, CA
   Anime Vegas 2007 - September 1-3 in Las Vegas, NV
   FanimeCruise 2007 - September 22-27 in Galveston, TX convention postponed
   Anime Expo 2008 - July 3-6 in Los Angeles, CA
   Otakon 2008 - August 8-10 in Baltimore, MD
   New York Anime Festival 2008 - September 26-28 in New York, NY
   Katsucon 2009 - February 13-15 in Arlington, VA
   Otakon 2009 - July 17-19 in Baltimore, MD
   Nekocon 2009 - November 6-8 in Hampton, VA
   Animation On Display 2010 - January 30-31 in San Francisco, CA
   Katsucon 2010 - February 12-14 in National Harbor, MD
   AnimeNEXT 2010 - June 18-20 in Somerset, NJ
   MechaCon 2010 - July 16-18 in New Orleans, LA
   Anime Festival Orlando 2010 - August 5-8 in Orlando, FL
   RT25 The Celebration 2010 - September 18 in Van Nuys, CA
   Sakura-Con 2011 - April 22-24 in Seattle, WA
   Otakon 2011 - July 29-31 in Baltimore, MD
   Nan Desu Kan 2011 - September 9-11 in Denver, CO
   Anime USA 2011 - November 18-20 in Arlington, VA
   MatsuriCon 2012 - August 24-26 in Columbus, OH
   Nekocon 2012 - November 2-4 in Hampton, VA
   SacAnime 2013 - January 4-6 in Sacramento, CA
   Naka-Kon 2013 - March 15-17 in Overland Park, KS
   Tekkoshocon 2013 - April 5-7 in Pittsburgh, PA
   Anime Festival Orlando 2013 - August 16-18 in Orlando, FL
   SacAnime 2014 - January 3-5 in Sacramento, CA
   Anime Detour 2014 - April 4-6 in Bloomington, MN
   Otakon 2014 - August 8-10 in Baltimore, MD
   SacAnime 2014 - August 29-31 in Sacramento, CA
   Youmacon 2014 - October 30 - November 2 in Detroit, MI
   Anime Detour 2015 - March 27-29 in Bloomington, MN
   Anime Punch: Armageddicon 2015 - April 3-5 in Columbus, OH
   Anime Central 2015 - May 15-17 in Rosemont, IL
   Matsuricon 2015 - August 14-16 in Columbus, OH
   Saboten Con 2015 - September 4-7 in Phoenix, AZ
   Protoculture Con 2015 - October 4 in Pasadena, CA
   Jekyll Comic Con 2015 - December 12 in Jekyll Island, GA
   Anime Boston 2016 - March 25-27 in Boston, MA
   NashiCon 2016 - April 1-3 in Columbia, SC
   Anime Detour 2016 - April 22-24 in Bloomington, MN
   Anime Expo 2016 - July 1-4 in Los Angeles, CA
   Hoshicon 2016 - July 15-17 in Charlotte, NC
   Anime Revolution 2016 - August 5-7 in Vancouver, BC
   Animate! Florida 2016 - September 16-18 in Fort Lauderdale, FL
   AkibaFest 2016 - October 15-16 in Los Angeles, CA
   Armageddon Auckland 2016 - October 22-23 in Auckland, New Zealand
   Anime Blast Chattanooga 2016 - November 11-13 in Chattanooga, TN
   AlmaCon 2017 - January 27-29 in Alma, MI
   Anime Crossroads 2017 - February 24-26 in Indianapolis, IN
   Anime Detour 2017 - April 7-9 in Bloomington, MN
   Anime Central 2017 - May 19-21 in Rosemont, IL
   Anime Expo 2017 - July 1-4 in Los Angeles, CA
   Glass City Con 2017 - July 15-16 in Toledo, OH
   Otakon 2017 - August 11-13 in Washington, DC
   Matsuricon 2017 - August 25-27 in Columbus, OH
   Another Anime Convention 2017 - October 13-15 in Manchester, NH
   Daisho Con 2017 - November 17-19 in Wisconsin Dells, WI
   Katsucon 2018 - February 16-18 in Oxon Hill, MD
   Anime Detour 2018 - April 6-8 in Minneapolis, MN
   Anime Central 2018 - May 18-20 in Rosemont, IL
   Matsuricon 2018 - August 24-26 in Columbus, OH
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