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Renée Dawn Gschaid

RenG Photography
Calgary, AB Canada

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Having been working in studios since she was only eighteen years old in Calgary. Adding knowledge to her vast experience through SAIT (Southern Alberta Institution of Technology) photography courses. Renée has learned to explore her photography by using not only models, working with other artists but using personal surroundings and nature to created something that others might not see as beautiful. Is also an active photographer at events not only in Calgary but in Southern Alberta, frequent at conventions such as Otafest which is a popular Anime Otaku convention at the University of Calgary each May as well as Taboo Naughty but Nice Show (Calgary) in November. Also the official photographer for Lethbridge Pride event in June 2012. She's not only a perfectionist but also experimental in her process which produces exciting results.

She has a love for the darker, Gothic things in existence but doesn't allow that to stand in her way of seeing the lighter side of in her photography. Stands out for her vampire, Victorian and graveyard photography to bring back a simpler romantic time, with a touch of horror and darkness but making it last for all eternity like a vampire's love. A desire to explore different genres, new locations and collaborating with model, make-up artists, hair-stylist as well as her clients to execute not only her vision but also the people around her. Only to find and capture beauty in the world she want to explore.

Truly this is her passion and will never be without her camera.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Nishikaze 2012 - June 30 in Lethbridge, AB
   Nishikaze 2013 - June 15 in Lethbridge, AB

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    Renée Dawn Gschaid

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