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Susan Roman

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Ontario, Canada

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For Susan Roman, working in the wild and wacky world of animation for most of her adult life has been nothing short of a dream come true. Let's be frank, some of her projects didn't exactly go on to become household names. Piggsburg Pigs, with LA director Stu Rosen at the helm, comes to mind. But it was during that series (recorded ensemble, which hardly ever happens anymore) that Mr. Rosen introduced the concept of "the key phrase" - possibly the best tool ever invented to keep a voice actor on track, and something which she has never forgotten.

And there were projects that kept generations of kids tuned in: like the original Care Bears series - where she got to play a boy (Champ Bear) for the first time - and another Nelvana co-production, Tin Tin, in which she yipped and yapped her way through 43 episodes as a little white dog named Snowy. And how could she forget the joy of finding her inner princess (The Berry Princess in Strawberry Shortcake Meets the Berrykins)... not to mention her inner bird (Eddie Storkowitz in Birdz.) Then she got to play a little boy AND a little girl in the same series (Sara Lynn and Eddie in Fisher-Price's Little People.) But before that, she was cast in the gritty, totally-ahead-of-its-time major motion picture, Rock & Rule - where she played Angel, the speaking voice of rocker Debbie Harry. Then came the cult classic, Heavy Metal, in which she played 'The Girl in the Harry Canyon Sequence' - a character whose cup size magically ballooned to epic proportions by the time she got knocked off, but hey, the animator decided to be a little creative. (Check it out...)

And so it continued: Melissa in The Raccoons, James the Red Tank Engine in Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Hannah Dundee in Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Jess in Redwall, Miss BG's mom in Miss BG, Tika in Barbie as the Island Princess, Tinsel in The Miser Brother's Christmas...

But, after all of that, and hopefully many more to come, there is one part that will always remain at the top of Susan's list: Sailor Jupiter in Sailor Moon. When something is such a perfect fit, she says, you really have to thank your lucky stars - which she does, almost every day.

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Convention Guest Appearances:
   Canadian National Comic Book Expo 2000 - August 25-27 in Toronto, ON
   Anime Revolution 2012 - August 17-19 in Vancouver, BC
   Anime North 2013 - May 24-26 in Toronto, ON
   FanExpo Canada 2013 - August 22-25 in Toronto, ON
   Unplugged Expo 2013 - October 26-27 in Toronto, ON
   Kami-Con 2014 - February 14-16 in Birmingham, AL
   Wonderland Anime Festival 2014 - March 1-2 in Winnipeg, MB
   Triad Anime Convention 2014 - March 14-16 in Winston-Salem, NC
   Anime North 2014 - May 23-25 in Toronto, ON
   Niagara Falls Comic Con 2014 - June 6-8 in Niagara Falls, ON
   Anime Expo 2014 - July 3-6 in Los Angeles, CA
   Malta Comics Expo 2014 - October 31 - November 2 in Valletta, Malta
   Animate! Miami 2014 - November 14-16 in Miami, FL
   Yama-Con 2014 - December 5-7 in Pigeon Forge, TN
   SacAnime 2015 - January 2-4 in Sacramento, CA
   Toronto Comicon 2015 - March 20-22 in Toronto, ON
   Amazing Las Vegas Comic Convention 2015 - June 19-21 in Las Vegas, NV
   Rhode Island Comic Con 2015 - November 6-8 in Providence, RI
   Wintercon 2015 - December 5-6 in Jamaica, NY
   Toronto Comicon 2016 - March 18-20 in Toronto, ON
   Emerald City Comicon 2016 - April 7-10 in Seattle, WA
   Anime North 2016 - May 27-29 in Toronto, ON
   Eternal Con 2016 - June 10-12 in Garden City, NY
   FanExpo Canada 2016 - September 1-4 in Toronto, ON
   Realms Con 2016 - September 30 - October 2 in Corpus Christi, TX
   FanExpo Vancouver 2016 - November 11-13 in Vancouver, BC
   MegaCon 2017 - May 25-28 in Orlando, FL
   Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration 2017 - June 24 in Toronto, ON
   Dragon Con 2017 - September 1-4 in Atlanta, GA
   ConnectiCon 2018 - July 12-15 in Hartford, CT
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