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Michaël Larouche

Montreal, QC Canada

Under the moniker "Shock" or "DarkShock", Michaël founded his own English-French translation group before joining forces with Terminus Traduction. With them until 2001, he worked on the translation of several MegaMan. He is also known as the youngest ROM hacker/translator: he was 12 when he pushed out his first piece of work.

Since, he started programming and has not stopped. He has been part of the KDE project from 2005 to 2009 (from Linux) and has created several pieces of emulator-related software. Michaël will share with us his extensive experience of the emulation and translation universes.

He currently works in the Montreal's video game industry as programmer-integrator. He also spends some time brushing up his musical keyboard skills.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   G-Anime 2012 - January 27-29 in Gatineau, QC
   Cape & Kimono 2012 - November 3-4 in Québec, QC convention cancelled
   G-Anime 2014 - January 24-26 in Gatineau, QC
   GeekFest Québec 2014 - July 5-6 in Quebec, QC
   G-Anime Winter 2015 - January 23-25 in Gatineau, QC
   G-Anime Summer 2015 - July 18-19 in Gatineau, QC
   G-Anime Winter 2016 - January 22-24 in Gatineau, QC

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