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Matthew Myers

Massachusetts, USA

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Matthew Myers is most well known as the lead singer and songwriter from otaku band LeetStreet Boys. LeetStreet Boys first emerged in the anime convention scene with their 2008 hit song and animated music video "Yuri The Only One" which has now reached over 1.5 million YouTube views. The band has gone on to release 3 full-length albums titled "LeetStreet Boys," "Otaku Hearts" and "L3g3nds," as well as produce animated music videos for singles "Guitar Hero Hero," "She's So Kawaii" and "Cosplay Girlfriend." LeetStreet Boys has performed at numerous anime conventions across North America and their music is enjoyed by anime fans worldwide.

Matthew Myers has composed music for video games and other media professionally since 2006. He continues to be involved with numerous Japanese style visual novels and RPGs. Fans can hear Matt's music in "Heileen 3," "Loren Amazon Princess," and "Always Remember Me" from Winter Wolves Games, "The Royal Trap" and "Date Warp" from Hanako Games, as well as (the humorous) "Mark Leung: Revenge Of The Bitch." Additionally Matt created music and audio for the grand prize winning entry in Nokia's "Calling All Innovators" game development competition, and also recorded and mixed vocals for Square-Enix's ill-fated XBox title "Gun Loco." Currently Matt continues to write songs, compose music and produce animated videos.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   ConnectiCon 2007 - July 13-15 in Hartford, CT
   Bakuretsu Con 2007 - November 9-11 in Colchester, VT
   ConnectiCon 2008 - August 1-3 in Hartford, CT
   Another Anime Convention 2008 - October 17-19 in Nashua, NH
   Bakuretsu Con 2008 - October 23-26 in Colchester, VT
   Another Anime Convention 2009 - November 20-22 in Nashua, NH
   Another Anime Convention 2011 - October 14-16 in Nashua, NH cancelled appearance
   Bakuretsu Con 2011 - October 20-23 in Colchester, VT
   Queen City Kamikaze 2012 - February 18 in Manchester, NH
   ConnectiCon 2012 - July 13-15 in Hartford, CT
   Otakuthon 2012 - August 3-5 in Montréal, QC
   RuroniKon 2012 - September 14-15 in Edinburg, TX
   Bakuretsu Con 2012 - November 9-11 in Colchester, VT
   BAMCon 2013 - May 10-12 in Pittsfield, MA
   ConnectiCon 2013 - July 12-14 in Hartford, CT
   Otakuthon 2013 - August 16-18 in Montréal, QC
   Another Anime Convention 2013 - October 18-20 in Manchester, NH
   Bakuretsu Con 2013 - November 1-3 in Colchester, VT
   Nadeshicon 2014 - April 4-6 in Quebec City, QC
   Another Anime Convention 2014 - October 17-19 in Manchester, NH
   Another Anime Convention 2016 - October 14-16 in Manchester, NH
20 guest appearances

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