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Northern Anime Festival

Anime Convention

July 22, 2006
Durham College, UOIT Oshawa Campus

Do you love the excitement of anime conventions but want a change from the regular? Northern Anime Festival is the way to go! With a feeling more like summer camp or college life, NAF's staff is friendly and outgoing, eager to help make your convention experience the best it can be. With a cast of guests that tend to take the lead and mingle well with the fans, it's a really open atmosphere that makes for a unique and enjoyable event. NAF features all the goodies that most cons do, from dances, loads of panels and even a dealer room mixing in an artist alley. However, NAF goes a step further by offering in depth guest panels from a Darkain Arts film festival featuring their latest works, to workshops from industry experts willing to share their experiences with eager fans and upcoming hopefuls alike. If you want a new way to enjoy the convention experience, try out NAF. A welcome change from the regular, at a cosplay filled college!

Advance Rates:
$15 CDN mail-in or $16.50 CDN online by Jun 1

At-Door Rates:
$20 CDN

Anthony Chau (Cosplay Armor Creator, The Forge of Hephaestus)
Mark Dillon (Pianist, vgPiano)
Lisa Furukawa (Singer / Pianist / Composer)
Les Major (Game Designer / Animator, Darkain Arts)
John McGrath (Voice Actor)
Scott Ramsoomair (Web Comic Artist, VG Cats)

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Press Releases and News:

Jun 02, 2006 - Northern Anime Festival announces guests
Jul 14, 2006 - Northern Anime Festival announces new event and sells out of artists' alley space

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