Information on ConBravo! 2012


Anime Convention with Comic, Costume, Gaming, SciFi and Video Games

July 27-29, 2012
Holiday Inn Burlington

ConBravo! is an annual gathering of geek in Burlington, ON. It features a freeplay arcade, traditional gaming, the costumed masquerade, tons of panels, screenings, workshops, guest appearances, and a whole lot more!

2,331 warm bodies
2,119 paid attendees

Advance Rates:
$20 by Mar 1; $25 by Apr 1

At-Door Rates:
$35 weekend; $15 Fri; $20 Sat; $12 Sun

The 404s (Improv Comedy Group)
Maral Agnerian (Cosplayer, Magpie Creations)
Noah Antwiler (Game Reviewer, The Spoony Experiment)
Danimal Cannon (Musician)
Peter Chimaera (Fanfiction Writer)
Joey "Roo" Desena (Producer)
Mike "The Birdman" Dodd (Reviewer / Journalist, This Week in Geek)
Lindsay Ellis (Writer / Reviewer)
Doctor Holocaust (Cosplayer)
DJ Janos (Disc Jockey)
Lewis Lovhaug (Comic Book Critic)
Dawn "Kaijugal" McKechnie (Cosplayer)
Mega Ran (Musician)
Krystal "Kudrel" Messier (Cosplayer)
The Moonroses (Cosplayers)
Todd Nathanson (Music Reviewer,
James Rolfe (Video Game Nerd)
Katie Shanahan (Artist)
Mai Sheri (Cosplayer)
Doug Walker (Internet Video Creator)
Tom White (Internet Host, Weird Video Games)

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