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Gaming Convention

March 16-18, 2018
Best Western Plus The Arden Park Hotel

Canada's Finest Miniature Wargame Convention! Proudly hosting a wargaming packed weekend since 1995, this well established con has something for everyone. We are capturing the objective and bringing it home for another year! If you're ready for a fun-filled weekend of tabletop antics, buying and selling of all things wargame, and general tomfoolery, we expect to see you this March in Stratford, Ontario for Hotlead 2018.

Gamers come to watch and play some of the finest wargames in North America. Every year you can be sure to find a wide variety of genres and rules being used. Expect to see period games set in anything from Ancients, Napoleonic, and Renaissance to WWI and WWII. There is always an excellent variety of historical periods amongst the games. Other genres that you might see include zombies or post-apocalyptic, superheroes, fantasy and SciFi games. You can almost guarantee someone will run Warhammer 40K, LOTR, or something Star Wars. Our really creative GMs will homebrew their own rules, making their game a truly unique experience. Every GM volunteers to run their game. They are truly committed to making each Hotlead the best year yet, one game at a time.

At-Door Rates:
All 3 days: $25
Fri: $5
Sat: $20
Sun: $5

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Last updated: 2018-01-30