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MegaCon Orlando [visit site]

Comic Convention with Anime, Fantasy, SciFi and Video Games

May 24-27, 2018
Orange County Convention Center

Organized by Informa Exhibitions

MegaCon Orlando is the South East's largest comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming event, attracting over 100,000 fans each year across four big days.

Everyone is a fan of something, and MegaCon is a place to celebrate all things pop culture. Get an autograph or a photo with your favorite guest and get the inside scoop about your favorite movies & TV shows at our celebrity panels! Watch professional comic artists battle it out in our popular Sketch Duels, learn from our "How To" workshops, and take photos with your favorite costumed characters! It's also a great place to buy a unique gift (or treat yourself!) with over 400,000 square feet of shopping madness.

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Advance Rates:

At-Door Rates:
All 4 days: $110
Thu: $25
Fri: $40
Sat: $55
Sun: $45

501st Legion (Star Wars Costumers)
Neal Adams (Comic Artist)
Soni Aralynn (Cosplayer)
Zach Callison (Actor)
J. Scott Campbell (Comic Book Artist)
Greg Capullo (Illustrator)
John Cena (Wrestler)
Amanda Conner (Comic Book Artist)
Michael Cudlitz (Actor)
Michaela Dietz (Voice Actress)
Estelle (Singer / Voice Actress)
Maile Flanagan (Voice Actress)
Joe Flanigan (Actor)
Ghostbusters (Costumers)
Jeff Goldblum (Actor)
Cecil Grimes (Cosplayer)
Deedee Mango Hall (Voice Actress)
Yaya Han (Cosplayer)
Greg Horn (Artist)
Kristen Hughey (Cosplayer)
Amy Jo Johnson (Actress)
Greg Kirkpatrick (Artist)
Andy Kubert (Artist)
Jim Lee (Comic Artist / Writer / Editor / Publisher)
Rob Liefeld (Comic Artist)
Gary Lockwood (Actor)
The Mandalorian Mercs (Star Wars Costumers)
Vanessa Marshall (Voice Actress)
Ed McGuinness (Comic Artist)
Bob McLeod (Comic Creator)
Mark Meer (Voice Actor)
Max Mittelman (Voice Actor)
Jason Momoa (Actor)
Jessica Nigri (Cosplayer)
Jimmy Palmiotti (Comic Book Writer)
Yanick Paquette (Artist)
R2 Builders Club (Droid Builders)
Rebel Legion (Star Wars Costumers)
Norman Reedus (Actor)
Fernando Ruiz (Artist)
Chris Sabat (Voice Actor)
Chris Sarandon (Actor)
Alex Saviuk (Comic Book Artist)
Sean Schemmel (Voice Actor)
Jeremy Shada (Actor)
Jewel Staite (Actress)
Peter Steigerwald (Vice President, Aspen Comics)
Brian Stelfreeze (Artist, Studio Gaijin)
Joonas Suotamo (Actor)
Alyson Tabbitha (Cosplayer)
Fred Tatasciore (Voice Actor)
Catherine Tate (Actress)
Veronica Taylor (Voice Actress)
Mark Texeira (Comic Book Artist) cancelled
Karl Urban (Actor) cancelled
LeeAnna Vamp (Cosplayer)
Billy Dee Williams (Actor)
Elijah Woods (Actor)
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MegaCon Orlando

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